Homescapes – Tips, Tricks and cheats

Homescapes – Tips, Tricks and cheats

If you are willing to be the top player of a game then the first thing t hat you have to focus on is currency. Almost every game is based on the currency and it is same with the Playrix new game Homescapes. It is designed and developed for IOS devices as well as android.

Gamers who have recently opened Google play store or Apple App Store have seen this app in trending list. Well, the interactive features with the unique gameplay are making the game best one and most interesting watch video.

The impressive factor of game is storyline where you need to help Austin by renovating his childhood home. It will help Austin because his parents will reconsider whether to sell it or not. Surely, Austin don’t want to sell it so you need to spend some time in renovation.

Awesome Puzzles 

There are so many puzzles added by the developers in the game and you need to complete maximum of them. It will help in earning currencies. The puzzles is basically of matching three tiles. It can be tough but you can easily get rid of all the issues.

First of all, you should choose the tiles that are required as mentioned in left sided column. Match maximum number possible to get the power-up. Match up of three tiles will connect them and the tiles will be destroyed.

On the other hand, if you are matching higher number of tiles like 4 or 5 then you can easily get rid of all the issues with ease because it will help in getting the power-ups. The more power-ups you avail then higher chances of compelting the level with less move become possible.


There is no strategy required in the game but if you want to progress well then there are some methods which can help for sure. Firstly, you should think about other tiles before moving any of them. It will let you know upcoming strategy and winning with less moves.

The easiest method is to play continuously instead of stopping for renovation. Yes, it is possible and you can skip the renovation work. For a second, you can think about earning currencies from levels or you can use in-app purchases but we recommend you to choose a simple method.

Try out obtaining higher number of currencies by using generator tools. These are powerful and effective because the formula is able to provide unlimited coins and stars. It will help in completing the game faster than  others and it is quite reliable.

Don’t Use Unauthorized Methods

Simply you can find so many tools to obtain higher amount of currencies but if you don’t want to end up getting into any kind of issue then must go with the safest method. Choose the right tool Homescapes Cheats by checking the reviews and features. Even we recommend you to stay away from program requiring downloading. They can make you download some applications which can’t help at all. It is easy and reliable information and you must focus on these factors for safe gameplay.

Final words

Everyone want to be the top gamer of this game but it isn’t easy because the levels keep on getting harder after few stages. In order to progress faster and never face any issue, improve the basics and learn the method to play even in hard levels. The live events can also help in learning and practicing. It will help you earn higher amount of currency too. Must focus on these and acquire a good amount of currencies to reach on apex of the game.