Information about level in Avakin life

Everybody start game always from 0 levels. Only one way to increase their level is to play the game daily. From playing it regularly, you will make the level near about Nineteen in two months. You will get XP after every challenges and task. This experience points will helps you get the level high. To boost the level, you will get extra points, open many challenges.

Rewards detail on challenges-

When you reach on next level, you will receive some money or points. So now I tell you on which level you receive how many coins.

From level one to nine-

On the level one to nine you receive $150 avacoins as a reward because it is the start point of the game and easiest level. So company gives low avacoins as rewards.

On level ten-

On level ten the avakin life gives to $500 avacoins as reward and company increase the extra points. And you receive some extra experience point also with them to make level up. It is the middle level of game or starting of new level series also.

Level 11 to 19-

In this, all levels the game gives a reward of $300 avacoins. In this levels, the game is going harder.

On level 20-

On this level, you will get $1000 points as a gift. Because this is the better level of the game or higher level of the game.

How to boost your level-

Diamonds collect in four apartments-

When you sign in to the apartment, then collect ten diamonds. Later you will get 20 extra points. Collect the diamonds regularly because if you miss the collect diamond one day, then you will not get diamonds again. So always collect the diamonds carefully.

Giving rating-

Give rating is also a very good way to collect the extra points. But also give the rating in four apartments of friends because it is an easy way to collect the extra points, so the trick is so useful for an upgrade for your challenges.

Tacking the Photo-

When you take a photo with the camera is the best way to collect the experience points. Because it shows how much experience you gained.

Buy an item from the shop-

When you buy an item from the shop, you will earn some extra points. Every purchase of goods and an item in the shop will get experience. So you receive some extra experience points, and that points will make you’re leveling up. So always buy many items from the online store because this is a useful trick to upgrade the level.


That is the main part of the game. You log in with Facebook and play the game with friends. Then always send or receive the gifts from your friends. Because when you send the gift to your friend, you will earn extra points. And when you receive the gifts from friends, you will also earn extra points. So always send or receive the gifts. It will make you some extra experience point, and these points are very important to reach on next level.

Send many messages-

This is a very good way to collect points. When your chat box is full at that time, you earn 500 extra points as experience. If you have not messaged for sending in that situation copy and paste the message in raw. And send the message again. After of chat box, you will earn a point. So always send a message in the chat box.


All given information is used to boost up your level and increase your experience point. These are many ways how to leveling up faster in Avakin Life hack 2018 .